Hans C. Andersen

He was born the 2nd April 1805 in Odense, Denmark, and died the 4th August 1875 in Copenhague, Denmark.

Andersen’s father, who had received an elementary education, introduced Andersen to literature. Andersen’s mother was uneducated and worked as a washerwoman following his father’s death in 1816. Andersen was sent to a local school for poor children where he received a basic education His initial attempts at writing fairy tales were revisions of stories that he heard as a child. Andersen brought this genre to a new level by writing a vast number of fairy tales that were both bold and original. Initially they were not met with recognition, due partly to the difficulty in translating them and capturing his genius for humor.

Some of his tales we can read are: The Tinderbox, The Princess and the Pea, Thumbelina, The Little Mermaid and The Emperor’s New Clothe.

Books: The snow queen

Magda Liliana Escobar

Magda Liliana Escobar has always loved the words. This Colombian woman felt in love with Gabriela Mistral and Leon Tolstoi, the Never Ending Story and the characters with bright eyes and strange figures that she heard about in her child hood tales. Her first writes were verses about the natural shapes of the world that she observed while she was studying modern languages.

Her education in public school and university let her notice the simplicity and happiness despite the adversity. The world of belly dance allowed her to go into several worlds full of women who speak through her view and use their body to state strongly about their life. The main part of her characters, like many people in Colombia, observe the colors of the life in spite of the grey clouds that place across the sky.

Book: Lula

Érika Lancheros

She was born in a small town in Colombia named Chiquinquirá, some day in February in the 80's. The important discoveries of her life were made thanks to her grandmother, who taught her the power of words trough poetry. Her mother introduced her in the wonderful world of brushes between etching and oil painting.

And the music was her father's work. She began her career in writing and illustration since very little, building her own universe that became better with her studies in literature and singing, her librarian jobs and her rock band. One day she left the Colombian Andes to live in gaucho lands, and since then lives in Buenos Aires, where her guitar, her pen and her brushes are the witnesses of an identity in construction and a memory that don't forget.

Books: ZuLily's home

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter (28 July 1866 – 22 December 1943). She was a writer and illustrator of children's fables and literature. Her famous story is The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

She was passionate about flora and fauna, and wanted to study at the Royal Botanic Gardens, but wasn't accepted because she was a woman.
Her inspiration was the animals she used to take secretly home and those she discovered during the summer in Scotland.

Potter was advanced at her time; she was an independent and revolutionary woman, and a nature activist. She is one of the best and valued writers of children's books in England.

Book: The tale of Peter Rabbit, The tale of Benjamin Bunny, The tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Mariangela Venutolo

She is crazy about books since she was a little girl. Her father stimulated her reading by giving her encyclopedias and books that taught her new things. Her mother motivated her to write. Each time they came back from any family trip both, she and her brother, had to write about the adventures they lived.

Mariangela grew up in Guayana City, Venezuela. After high school she had the opportunity of being an exchange student in Japan, which allowed her to know other cultures. That experience reiterated her what she learned at home: to respect and accept other people the way they are, no matter their race, color or religion.

She is an Audiovisual and events Producer and loves to have the possibility of make real what others imagine. She enjoys her creative side through photography, capturing an instant of time and space that won’t come back.

And above all, loves finding that precise moment to free herself through her own stories, like writing tales for her little daughter.

Book: The girl with short hair

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