Ana María Achury

Ana María Achury is a Young Colombian girl who feels an honest connection with her family and her cat Totoro. Since she was a child, she was interested in painting and drawing and through these activities she had significant experiences because she feels attached to herself in a deep way and she can create her own universe. She became a passionate, dreamer and emotional person and when Ana comes back to planet Earth, she enjoys being with the people who let her notice diverse points of view. Her curiosity and endless love for the world, the nature and the humanity allow her to capture the life by images with astonished eyes because she observes the inner and outer side of everything around her.


Melissa Díaz

Since she was a child expressed her passion and creativity of her dreams with colored pencil.

She was raised while traveling around Colombia, which allowed her get influence by colors, textures and cultures that improved her illustration's skills.

Melissa studied Graphic Design, focused on illustration and was able to find new techniques and define her own style.

The love for nature and for her home motivates her everyday to find new ways to capture with forms, tones and ideas the world of fantasy and reality.

Books: The girl with short hair

Paula Hurtado Arenas

Paula is Spanish, industrial designer, illustrator and a book lover. She discovered the love for the drawing when she was little and scrawled everything that crossed her mind. A few years later when she became a reader hooked up with both things.

She is inspired by kid's stories because makes her imagination fly and let her create her own tales. She loves to dedicate her life to produce stories that allow others to dream as well. She is a tireless reader and likes to be called Paula Tina Mente (a game of Spanish words; "Paulatinamente", as a whole word, means very slow, step by step).

Book: Angry Memo

Érika Lancheros

She was born in a small town in Colombia named Chiquinquirá, some day in February in the 80's. The important discoveries of her life were made thanks to her grandmother, who taught her the power of words trough poetry. Her mother introduced her in the wonderful world of brushes between etching and oil painting.

And the music was her father's work. She began her career in writing and illustration since very little, building her own universe that became better with her studies in literature and singing, her librarian jobs and her rock band. One day she left the Colombian Andes to live in gaucho lands, and since then lives in Buenos Aires, where her guitar, her pen and her brushes are the witnesses of an identity in construction and a memory that don't forget.

Books: ZuLily's home

Marcela López

Marcela is from Bogotá, Colombia. She is a visual artist and an illustrator. Discovered arts when she was a little girl, when kept painting her dreams and ideas on everything she could.

Step by step and by the hand of her professional education, she learned to give life to characters and stories, making it her everyday work, because it is what she loves to do.

She describes herself as a watcher, dreamer, lover, romantic, animal lover, daughter, sister, friend, a cat's mom, a little clumsy and messy, mad about movies, lover of sweet, poetry and music, a tireless reader and a collector of business cards. She finds inspiration in everything that is around: the shapes of the clouds, people, trees, flowers, a scent, a smile, a word or a tear.

Books: The snow queen

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter (28 July 1866 – 22 December 1943). She was a writer and illustrator of children's fables and literature. Her famous story is The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

She was passionate about flora and fauna, and wanted to study at the Royal Botanic Gardens, but wasn't accepted because she was a woman.
Her inspiration was the animals she used to take secretly home and those she discovered during the summer in Scotland.

Potter was advanced at her time; she was an independent and revolutionary woman, and a nature activist. She is one of the best and valued writers of children's books in England.

Book: The tale of Peter Rabbit, The tale of Benjamin Bunny, The tale of Squirrel Nutkin

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